Nikki needs a good home...

Bread:American Staffordshire Terrier
Eneregy Level:
An update to our sweet Nikki is that she has started her heartworm treatment and will be available for adoption mid November. An amazing girl that will make a wonderful companion to any home. Nikki is well behaved, and a wonderful dog that has settled in nicely to her foster home she shares with other dogs. I met Nikki on a trip to visit Animal control facilities in Missouri and fell in love with this dog. She was confiscated from an owner that beat her and trained his dogs with a baseball bat. He bred her as much as he could. She is also heartworm positive. Still, this sweet girl is coming to our rescue and we're excited to welcome her....She will begin heartworm treatment and once treated, will get the family that deserves her. She is a wonderful dog. She is thought to be about 3-4 yrs old. Arriving August 26th and we'll post better photos and an update. For adoption consideration of this sweet girl or anyone interested in possibly fostering her through her treatment, please contact Adoption fee $300