Rikki needs a good home...

Eneregy Level:
ABOUT RICKY Lil Rikki came into rescue several months ago weighing 2 pounds and suffering from pneumonia. He was tiny so the people that helped him get to C4P told us he was a puppy. At first he slept a great deal and his appetite was not at all good. I really wondered if he even had the strength and will to go on but after two courses of strong antibiotics, things slowly began to look like he might have a brighter future. He seemed to have a lingering cough, we did another course of chest x-rays and he was diagnosed with COPD. He never struggles to breathe but still coughs and always will. He does take medicine three days a week and this seems to be working well for him. So we now have a little old guy who has some health issues and still needs a loving home. I have kept him with me much longer than most of my fosters just to observe his health and to make sure he can comfortably transition into a home of his own. Just like the Lucille Ball Show, this guy is a classic. Everything anyone could ask for in a comical little companion. Maybe I have been just a bit selfish as his personality always adds some sunshine to everyday that he is here. I know Rikki may be a difficult placement as his time could be a bit shorter because of his underlying health issues, however, nothing takes away from his quality of life at the moment. Really moments are all we have and Rikki knows how to make the best of his. I hope there is someone special that will understand his situation and be willing to share the love and loyalty of a great little guy. All dogs are brought current on their vaccinations up to the point of adoption. Parasite protection is also done with dewormings, flea/tick prevention application, and heartworm prevention. If old enough a heartworm test is done. The spay/neuter and microchip are included in the adoption fee. All our dogs go to their new homes with their collar/leash, dog bed, favorite toy(s), bowls, and some food to acclimate them. For adoption consideration, please contact causeforpawsrescue@gmail.com or fill out an application from our website at www.causeforpaws.net/adoption/ . For the safety and convenience of our foster homes and their orphans, we will only consider applicants that are within a 100 mile radius.