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Bread:Labrador Retriever
Age:1 year
Eneregy Level:
My name is Jake. I am about a year old lapador (oops Labrador) retriever. I love being petted and give you lots of hugs and kisses. My foster people say I am a typical lab puppy. I donít know what that means but if it is my butt doesnít stop wiggling and I want to play, then I guess I am. They tell me I am all personality and love. I love to play with all dogs, big or little. It doesnít matter as long as we can have fun. I am learning some basic things but will need for you to take me to doggy school so I can learn to be all that I can be. There isnít anything I wonít try to do to make you happy. I also saw a funny looking dog at my foster house that I couldnít figure out. It doesnít bark it makes a funny meow sound. I kind of like them but they donít play so I go back to the other dogs. I am just learning how to play with toys and loving it. I am going to grow up and be am amazing boy. Would you like to join me on that adventure? If so, please complete that thing they call an application so that we can have fun together.†Jake will be neutered this week, brought current on all vaccines, and microchipped. For adoption consideration of Jake, please contact causeforpawsrescue@gmail.com Jake's adoption fee is $300