Our Adoption Process

In order to encourage folks to rescue homeless Orphans, we try to make the rescue experience as non-invasive and pleasant as possible.

First, an application is completed prior to meeting any of our orphans. Since we do not have a shelter, it's important to be able to pre-qualify folks that will be making appointments with fosters, to meet any of our orphans.

We do a vet check, to verify all current or previous dogs are up to date on vaccines and are either spayed or neutered. We may also contact references listed on the application when there is no previous vet information, or where more information is needed.

We'll then contact you to arrange a home visit, which is merely an opportunity to ask and answer any questions regarding our process. Since most of our orphans have already been in a situation that was not right for them, we want to do whatever it takes to allow them to succeed. It is not our intent to set a dog or a family up for failure.

Renters will need to provide your landlords information to confirm that dogs are allowed and to ask about breed and size limit restrictions.

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Our Adoptable Orphans

Once we take a dog into our rescue, they are completely vetted, which includes their spay or neuter, all vaccines are brought current, heartworm tested, and placed on heartworm and flea/tick preventative, and finally they are microchipped.

Our Adoption Fees

Adult Dog - $300
Puppies 7 months and under - $350
Senior dogs - 7 yrs and older - $150
We also give a discount to Sr. Citizens 65+

Our Adoption Application

Click here to download a .pdf file of our adoption application.
Click here to download a .doc file of our adoption application.